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We’re tech geeks here at Landman Blog, so we decided to start compiling a list of useful iPhone apps for landmen. When you’re out on the road or in the courthouse, smart phones are a lifesaver with their endless functionality and the internet at your fingertips.

Google MapsGoogle Maps – Most people probably already know about this one, but we feel that it ought to be included. Apple includes its own maps app on iPhones, but it’s nowhere near as good as Google Maps. I’ve found my way to property way out in the middle of nowhere many times with Google Maps. Before I changed over to Google, Apple’s map app had gotten me lost many times. Maybe some day they’ll get it right, but last time I checked they hadn’t yet.

ClearClear – Clear is a great organizational app for landmen. Most organizer apps include tons of functionality that takes hours and hours to figure out. Clear is nice and simple so that with just a swipe of your finger you can delete or add tasks. I like to use the voice to text function to add tasks while I’m driving. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but I would never use them anyway.

AudibleAudible – Audible is a must have for me. When I have an hour or more drive to the courthouse, listening to a book keeps me alert and makes the drive feel a lot shorter. Hours and hours of music gets boring after a while.



WhitepagesWhitepages – Probably the best app for looking up mineral owners while out in the field.  Once you find a contact, just tap the phone number and it’ll dial them for you.



Google DriveGoogle Drive – Great for keeping spreadsheets and documents in the cloud so that they’re accessible from anywhere. You can also easily convert them to Microsoft Word or Excel formats.



Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes Rig Count – While not really all that useful for a landman, it’s a fun app to mess around with. The Baker Hughes Rig Count app shows you where all the rotary rigs are operating in the U.S. One thing you can glean from it is the health of the industry.



efaxeFax – Just because we landmen are technologically savvy, doesn’t mean that lawyers and mineral owners are. This isn’t a free service, but I’ve used it for years. With eFax you can send and recieve faxes via email, and they give you a fax number that you can take with you anywhere.



metesMetes and Bounds Basic – This one is $4.99 on the iTunes Store.  It’s very handy to quickly deed plot a tract from your phone instead of having to break out your laptop or ruler. You can even email your tract from your phone to the desktop version of the software.



Blacks Law DictionaryBlack’s Law Dictionary – $54.99 on the iTunes Store.  It’s expensive, but it’s a lot lighter to carry around than the paper version. A must have for translating those mutant documents that tend to pop up when you’re in a hurry.



Oilfield Glossary

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary – Useful for looking up specialized oilfield terms that you won’t find in a nearby Webster’s.




Black GoldBlackGold – Keep up with oil prices from your smart phone.




LinkedinLinkedin – Stay connected everywhere with the Linkedin App. Linkedin has a very active landman community.




DI Well Spot

DI Wellspot – Interesting app for finding details on wells near where you’re standing.




Do you have an app on your iPhone that you can’t live without? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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